Victorinox Forged Knife Set

Kitchen Cutlery 3 Piece Solingen Stainless Steel

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Victorinox Forged Knife Set Forged in Solingen, Germany, to the specifications of Swiss engineers, this three knife set from Forschner of Victorinox is capable of covering most everyday kitchen needs. One piece forged construction, full length handle tangs, and ergonomically designed triple riveted slab handles combine in knives built for a wide range of common applications.

Heavier and stronger than Forschner's popular stamped steel cutlery, these knives fill the gap that efficient but light weight blades leave. The 8" flat ground Chef's knife is heavy enough to handle chopping chores including frozen food and hard squash. The 8" slicing knife does an excellent job of slicing and deboning both raw and cooked meats. The three and a half inch paring knife is a match for all the usual paring chores plus heavier work like trimming gristle and fat from meat.

A more efficient combination would include a bread knife and santoku. The santoku especially would be a welcome addition, the thinner blade being much better for vegetable slicing than the heavy chef's knife in this set. When more knives are added, the three knives Victorinox chose for this starter combination will still be indispensable to your kitchen.

Fully covered by Victorinox's lifetime warranty, the knives are easily maintained. Sharpening with a honing steel should be a regular routine, and for best results the knives should be washed and dried by hand.

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