Victorinox Forschner Slicing Knife

Kitchen 12 Inch Granton Stainless Vibrox

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Victorinox Forschner Slicing Knife Victorinox's Forschner 12" granton edged Slicing Knife has the blade length to cut even slices from large roasts and other cooked meats, with a minimum of cutting strokes. The food you serve will have a better look when you use this well made professional quality blade.

The rat tail tang of this stamped high carbon stainless steel knife is securely fitted with a black Vibrox handle. A comfortable grip and bolster is formed from the Vibrox, and meets the high standards of the National Sanitation Foundation. Forschner has an excellent reputation among both home and professional users, providing in blades like this one a lightweight and highly efficient alternative to traditional heavy forged knife styles. Applied to this slicing knife, the result is a slightly flexible blade that holds an edge well and has the action of a filet knife, strong enough to cut even slices and still slide easily along the bone.

The blade shows the multiple hollows of the granton grind, which reduces friction while cutting and results in greater control. Probably most chefs will notice the improved cut of the thinner blade rather than the effect of the granton, which when cutting meat is intended to catch juices and lubricate the action of the blade.

Honing with a sharpening steel is recommended, as is hand washing. The knife's finish and edge are both at risk if run through a dishwasher. Forschner products have a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects.

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