Vigneron vs. Saad: L.A.’s Battle Of the Celebrity Chefs

Posted by Sharon on Sep 24

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chef_battleHave you -- like me -- wondered what it would be like if you pitted a "Top Chef" against a "Next Food Network Star" in a celebrity chef cookoff?

Those of you who live in Los Angeles won't have to wonder about that for much longer, because tonight, that's precisely what's happening.

The Battle of the Celebrity Chefs takes place at 7:00 p.m. tonight at the Grove, and features runners-up from both Food Network reality shows:  Marcel Vigneron and Jeffrey Saad.

Marcel was a contestant on Season 2 of "Top Chef," and left as runner-up to the winner, Ilan Hall. Since then, Marcel has gained even more experience as sous chef at the Bazaar in Beverly Hills (alongside Michael Voltaggio from this season's "Top Chef," interestingly).

Likewise, Jeffrey came close to winning Season 5 of "The Next Food Network Star," but earned second place with Melissa d'Arabian winning the title and the prize.  That hasn't stopped his "Spice Smuggler" trademark, though. He's already completed a series of webisodes that are airing on the Food Network's official website. He is also the new spokesperson for the American Egg Board.

When all is said and done tonight, one of these two chefs will be just another runner-up, and another will emerge victorious for the first time.  Both are amazing chefs, and far be it from me to predict who the winner will be.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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