VillaWare Pizza Grill Stainless Steel Barbeque Baking Stone

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VillaWare Pizza Grill Stainless SteelVillaWare has over a hundred years in the field of kitchen accessories. The VillaWare Pizza Grill lets you make brick oven style pizza on your gas grill. The pizza stone is rectangular, set in a stainless steel frame which acts as a backsplash to keep your pizza from sliding off the stone.

A built in thermometer gauges the grill temperature. The design lets the pizza bake at a higher temperature than found in your standard oven, so the crust of the pizza is lighter and crisp. The pizza grill can be used in a standard oven. A back slot creates a place to brush crumbs. The pizza stone simply requires brushing and a wipe for cleaning. The item comes with a user guide, recipes, and a one year warranty.

People like the taste so much they won't go back to delivery. Make pizza a family ritual. Make your own dough or save time and use a mix, then let everyone choose their own ingredients. A simple design with necessary low tech features in just the right places. While the unit is rectangular, you can create smaller rounded pizzas if you prefer. The stone holds heat and truly makes a difference in the outcome of the crust.

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