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Vita-Mix Turbo Blend Blender I am definitely into health food without the health food price. If you've walked through that specialty section in your local grocery recently, you know exactly what I mean. You'd think not adding preservatives and sugar was costly from a manufacturing standpoint.

That's why having an option like the Vita-Mix tips the scales in your favor. Blend your own juices, sauces. You can juice whole fruits and vegetables and add the particular items you want for the best flavor, texture, color and nutrient content. Juice the healthier way by keeping the fiber. Grind grains for specialized flours. Make baby food. Delicious cold drinks and hot soups are possible. There is a large community built around the Vita-Mix line, and everyone in it has a favorite recipe or two to share.

The blender offers more than two horsepower for long term function, to fight through ingredients and give a smooth final mixture. The large capacity jar is almost unbreakable. The unit needs no assembly and is easily cleaned after each session. The range of foods you can prepare is practically limitless. While most people who use the blender tend to fall into the healthy eating spectrum, there is no reason you can't use yours to whip up a soothing malt or big batch of chocolate shakes!

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