Waring Pro Ice Crusher

Electric Stainless Steel Large Capacity IC70

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Waring Pro Ice Crusher I still remember my mom's old hand crank ice crusher. In fact, I think I still have the scars. It only took a few cubes at a time and made enough for maybe two people, if you could stand the cold and the danger that long. It took brute force to smash the cubes and the results were inconsistent at best.

If you host parties or have a family with a large appetite for ice, even if you only use it once or twice a year for the holidays, it will really come in handy. The crushed ice is perfect for mixed drinks, to help chill cold dishes through an extended service, or for the surprising number of people who like to snack by chewing ice, but be aware that the unit doesn't shave ice.

The heavy duty motor crushes up to fifty pounds of ice per hour and dispenses it through a wide mouth funnel attachment. The twelve cup capacity container catches the crushed ice and must be in place for the unit to function. The blades self feed the ice, so there is no need to place a hand or instrument near them. The mechanism is commercially based and has the reputation of being simple and powerful.

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