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Waring Pro Professional Electric YogurtBefore spending a year in Germany, loads of people warned me about gaining weight. I did not heed their warnings. Nor did I gain weight. In fact, I lost about fifteen pounds that year. And that with going to the bakery every day, enjoying lots of chocolate, and eating more than my share of gelato. So what was the secret?

Regular meals and exercise. Haven't we all heard something like that before?

Every weekday morning, I ate homemade yogurt, mueslix, and fruit with my host family.

Who ever heard of homemade yogurt? Isn't that hard to do?

Well, my German host mother and my naturopath both make homemade yogurt. And no, it's not hard to do. Especially not with Waring Pro's Professional Yogurt Maker. Waring Pro's products have graced commercial kitchens for over 60 years. Now you can bring that extensive experience into your own home.

The Yogurt Maker comes with six eight-ounce and two twenty-six-ounce stackable polycarbonate jars with lids. Easy storage. Multiple functions. The 19 hour blue LED timer helps you make delicious yogurt every time. And with dishwasher-safe jars, lids, and cover it's all easy to clean-up.

This isn't to say you'll lose weight eating yogurt for breakfast every day. (I think it helped that I walked or rode my bike everywhere I went). But if you're looking for an easy way to incorporate a healthy source of calcium and live cultures into your diet, then the Waring Pro Professional Yogurt Maker is it.

And just think how happy my German host-mother and my naturopath will be when they hear that I've spread their gospel.

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