Waring Pro Professional Meat Grinder

Kitchen Deli 450 Watt MG-800

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Waring Pro Professional Meat Grinder Running on only 450 watts, this stainless steel "professional grade" gear driven meat grinder should adequately handle the meat grinding chores of the household kitchen, letting the home chef create fresh ground sausage with or without casings, ground meat for hamburger, ground fish and even pate. With a five year warranty it hardly seems you could go wrong with the MG-800.

Although most owners are happy with the Waring Pro Grinder, the ones most satisfied are also the most patient. Pushing the machine beyond its own pace can overstress the gears and increase the chance of other mechanical problems. Not all parts of the machine are durable stainless steel, and the inner workings can be difficult to clean. Users should always be aware of potential cross contamination of food, especially if this machine is intended for preparation of homemade baby food.

Three cutting plates (fine, medium and coarse) and two sausage making attachments are included with the machine, along with detailed cleaning instructions (that should be carefully followed). No part of the MG-800 is dishwasher safe.

The exaggeration here is the word "Professional." This is a light duty machine suitable for the home kitchen--use it with caution and the weak points won't be problems.

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