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Waring Pro Wine Chiller When you hear what the Waring Pro Wine Chiller brings to the table, you can't imagine how the extensive use of technology could
possibly go wrong. Yet it does.

First, the description: The chiller uses a thermoelectric Peltier module with a CPU control for constant temperature precision. The microprocessor has an internal database of red, white, and champagne wines, and the unit has a library of thirty-three preset wine temperatures for cooling.

The chiller fits bottles with a diameter up to three-and-a-half inches. It warms or chills, and an alarm sounds when the bottle reaches the right temperature. Your settings can be saved easily. The display shows both the current and optimum temperature side by side. The device turns off automatically and will resume warming or cooling if your wine falls outside the optimum temperature.

People who use the device experience consistent poor results centering on the ability of the product's sensor to accurately read the temperature of the room or the wine. The readings seem to have no basis and vary widely from other methods of measuring, even from readings the unit gave only seconds before. The top half of the bottles don't seem to chill, and the chiller doesn't make good contact with some bottles, or fit others at all. The chiller is also quite loud, especially annoying if you run it for hours, hoping for a proper chill. High tech fails in this instance.

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