Weber Baby Q 100 Propane Gas Grill

Portable Aluminum w/ Electric Ignition

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Weber Baby Q 100 Propane Gas Grill Weber's very portable Baby Q 100 Propane Grill brings efficient grilling to the picnic table or the tailgate, so you can enjoy backyard conveniences while far from home. At 8500 BTUs, this 189-square-inch cast aluminum grill does a great and fast job of searing and grilling steaks and hamburgers.

Running off small propane fuel tanks like the ones used for plumbers' torches, the whole system including the nylon frame is only 14 inches high -- cooled down and cleaned up, it stows neatly with the camping gear. Parts are durable, with a porcelain-coated cast iron grate, integrated flavorizer panels, electronic ignition, and disposable aluminum drip pans that neatly fit beneath the base.

Temperature control is a weak point, the burners running too hot for satisfactory slow cooking of barbecue. Designed with that small propane tank in mind, the Baby Q was streamlined for fast cooking. Owners who buy adaptors for twenty-pound propane tanks may expect the Q to perform like a full-sized grill, but it will still run like the tailgater grill it really is. Stick with the basics, and you'll be happy with it.

The grill requires very little assembly, but it's wise to check out everything you didn't do yourself before you fire it up the first time, since misalignments from bumps during shipping can make a huge difference in performance. Weber backs it up with a surprisingly good warranty, so expect good things from the Baby Q.

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