Weber Genesis Gas Grill Barbeque

Flavorizer Propane Stainless Steel E-320

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Weber Genesis Gas Grill A three burner 42,000 BTU grill with cast iron grates, flavorizer bars, and high quality stainless steel construction, the Weber Genesis E-320 has the cooking capacity you'll need to feed large families and a few quirks to go along with the perks.

Cooking area includes a grilling surface of over 500 square inches, enough for backyard events as well as evening meals. The electronic ignition is a reliable and safe pushbutton procedure, and small conveniences include racks for six accessories like spatulas and tongs, enclosed storage for the propane tanks you'll need to supply, and a fuel gauge to give you accurate readings of how much fuel is on-board.

To give some of that special smoky flavor to the food, enameled flavorizer bars catch drippings and convert them to delicious vapors, mimicking the action of charcoal without the hassle of the old fire and ash system. Many small things have been done to make this a more convenient grill, even down to locking mechanisms on the caster wheels so it stays where you put it.

The end tables are small, one of them holding a lower power burner you can use to keep soups or coffee warm, and the other one mostly taken up with control knobs. The grill gives the impression of lots of working space, but you'll need a small table for most of your utensils and supplies.

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