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Wenger Grand Maitre Set Is the Wenger 4-Piece Cook's Set really a good buy? Well, that depends on many factors- your needs, your bank account balance, etc....

Wenger has an excellent reputation as the makers of the Genuine Swiss Army knife. From start to finish, Wenger's kitchen knives are also made in Switzerland. Because the polished, high-carbon, metal alloy blades are stamped rather than forged, the knives are more affordable.

Affordable is good, right? Well, yes and no.

As mentioned, the knives are made of a metal alloy. But what kind of metal alloy? If it were a high-quality, stainless steel they would mention that, right?

The knives are sharp, of course, but are they sharp enough? You could save money on buying a cheaper knife, but how much might you end up spending on an emergency room visit if you cut your finger on a dull blade? (Did you know dull knives are more dangerous than super sharp ones? Cuts from dull knives are one of the top reasons people end up in the ER.)

And how much will you have to spend if you have to replace your knives every five years? Sure the handles on the Wengers are made of a hermetically-sealed, non-slip plastic that will not deteriorate, but what about the blades? Will the blades deteriorate?

What it all comes down to is this: if you're on a budget or buying this as a gift for someone setting up their first home- a college student, a bachelor (young or old), your thirty-six year old son who's finally moving out- then Wenger's 4-piece Cook's Set would be great. But, if you have the money and want the best, do a quick search here for Shun. In the long run, you'll save money, grief, and potentially your fingers.

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