West Bend Heart Smart Indoor Electric Grill Black 6111

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West Bend Heart Smart Indoor ElectricWest Bend may not have the grilling history of George Foreman, but there's something to the West Bend Heart Smart Indoor Grill, something that Foreman's "Lean Mean Grilling Machine" does not offer. And that's versatility.

Not only does the West Bend Indoor Grill offer a ribbed grilling surface to drain grease (and a drip tray to catch that grease), but it also has a solid area that can be used to make pancakes or keep grilled foods warm. As ideal as a "Lean Mean Grilling Machine" may be for grilling, you simply cannot make pancakes with a Foreman.

The West Bend electric indoor grill, a 1500-watt appliance, features a nonstick cooking surface, adjustable temperature control, glass lid, and heat-resistant handles. The grill plate and drip tray are dishwasher safe.

Of these features, the main difference between the West Bend Heart Smart Grill and the Foreman electric indoor grill is the glass lid. The down side to a glass lid is that you'll have to flip that burger (unlike in the Foreman which has a top and bottom grill), but you'll also be able to keep a better eye on your cooking.

When it comes down to it then, the most significant difference is the versatility of the West Bend. Unfortunately, versatility comes at a cost.

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