Westbend Breadmaker, Automatic Bread Machine

Dual Blade Digital 41300 w/ 1 to 2.5 Lb. Loaf Pan

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Westbend Breadmaker, Automatic BreadLooks like the Zojirushi front-runner for Best Bread Machine has some competition now. The results are in, and this West Bend breadmaker has been shown to perform just as well as its more expensive competition, if not better.

What I like most about this West Bend model is the quality of customized performance. Just about every new bread machine today has their own claims to make multiple kinds of bread with several settings to choose from. But it's a rare thing if one machine performs exceptionally well for all styles of breads it encounters. There are 11 programmable settings for the West Bend that include 3 different crust options, 4 loaf sizes, and the ability to make gluten-free, low-carb, and quick breads.

The bread machine comes with a measuring cup, spoon, manual with recipes, and a special tool for getting the kneading blade out of the loaf just in case it gets stuck. It features a digital timer with 12-hour delay, the ability to create your own custom settings for what you want your default homemade bread to be, and a durable motor that holds up when using thick, heavy dough.

One thing that I must say about this machine actually has nothing to do with the breadmaker itself per se, but it has everything to do with its manual. The included manual is vague; it's hard and/or impossible to find information for every feature. This is why I have a hard time recommending this West Bend bread machine for a first-time breadmaker user, or for someone without access to high-speed internet. Most of the instructions, recipes, and helpful tips for making the best of the West Bend will be found online -- and there are a lot of bread machine recipes out there.

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