Wilton Cake Decorator Ultimate Tool Caddy

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Wilton Cake Decorator Ultimate ToolWith storage for every tool and accessory you'll need for decorating cakes and pastries, this Ultimate Tool Caddy from Wilton is certainly useful--but materials are somewhat disappointing, and cleaning can be a huge task.

Three levels, removable compartments, and a total of 36 pegs for decorating tips give you adequate options for organizing access to your most needed tools. A multitude of slots, compartments, and customizable drawers give you plenty of room for supplies, arranged as you want them, but the lightweight construction and sheet plastic hinges are not designed to last. Distortion is inevitable, with latches that won't quite close and hinges that develop fatigue breaks.

Cleaning is also a concern, since this type of plastic build tends to trap moisture. Don't put away tools unless they are thoroughly dry. If a thorough cleaning is due, everything will have to be taken out, and every recess of this complex storage system will have to be cleaned and dried by hand.

For a craft as complex as cake decoration it's hard to imagine a storage system that's perfect. This caddy is a practical solution, but not a permanent one. The best replacement could actually be another one just like it.

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