Wilton Petal Cake Pan Set

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Wilton Petal Cake Pan Set I don't bake cakes. But now that I'm a mom I am determined to try my had at something more than a store-bought, boxed cake mix in a rectangle shaped pan with frosting from a tin.

This petal-shaped cake pan set includes 6, 9, 12, and 15-inch flower-shaped cake pans. Together, they would make the most lovely and unforgettable cake for a little girl's birthday. Or for a bridal or baby shower?or even a wedding. (Who says you can't make your own wedding cake?) Of course, they are not just special occasion cake pans, You can use all four pans to make an elegantly frosted four-tiered creation. But you could just use one of the pans to make a simple one-layer cake for everyday eating, too.

The cake pan set comes with all the instructions you need (how much frosting you'll need, etc). Another feature worth mentioning is that the pans are deep (over 2 inches tall). So the cake will soar to majestic sugary heights when you're done with it. Plus, the sides of the pan are super straight, which makes frosting it much easier.

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