Wine Enthusiast Freestanding Refrigerator & Cooler

Silent Eco Friendly 18 Bottle

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Wine Enthusiast FreestandingImagine having the ability to host your own wine tasting event. Can you picture yourself producing bottle after bottle of perfectly chilled delights for your guests? If not, maybe you prefer to keep your budding collection for your sole enjoyment. Wouldn't it be nice to have a variety of selections at the ready, well-kept and waiting for your yen for a glass to kick in?

This unit is silent and eco-friendly. It has a cooling system with no moving parts and operates without harmful CFCs. The refrigerator is freestanding and offers a temperature range to accommodate both reds and whites. While mainly for bottles 750 ml. in size, some larger bottles will fit, but may decrease the overall storage capacity.

People are pleased with the unit's ability to maintain a proper temperature. There have been a few complaints, small issues, but reported by a number of people and potentially irksome to new owners, so be aware that filling the cooler to capacity reduces the ability of the interior lighting to reach the bottom shelves and that re-corked bottles must still be stored on their sides, which may allow them to leak. Otherwise, this cooler is a great way to store a small collection without having to deal with the hassle of a built-in.

Once the bottle's open, check out Metrokane's solution to storage: the first vacuum decanter.

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