WMF Profi Plus Ball Whisk

Stainless Steel 11 Inch Cooking Tool

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WMF Profi Plus Ball Whisk You need the right tool for any job, whether that job is in the shop or the kitchen. Made from high grade stainless steel (18/10), the Profi-Plus Ball Whisk is durable and stable, watertight, indestructible.

The unusual design of this whisk reduces whisking time. Twelve wires with beaded tips introduce extra movement and power behind that movement. There is separate vibration to each ball and the large surface area of whisking gets to all parts of your batter. Whisk air more thoroughly into the food and do so up to thirty percent faster. Work at any angle, get into corners, just be careful as it is easy to overwhip your mixture until you get used to the WMF Profi-Plus.

Food won't cling to the wires, so this design is far more easy to clean than traditionally designed loop whisks. There are no overlapping surfaces to trap food or to rust. The stainless steel construction is dishwasher safe. The look of it alone will attract you.

Customers enjoyed the innovation of the product as well as its thorough blending. The ease and speed of use make this a good choice for disabled persons or those who may have trouble with the function of their hands. The whisk is a bit top heavy and may fall if left in a pan or bowl. Be aware that it may heat up when used in stovetop preparations. Some people have been put off by the metal against metal sound made when the whisk is used in some bowls and pans, but overall it seems to be a fantastic idea whose time has come.

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