Wusthof Emerilware Gourmet Paring Knife Set

Kitchen 3 Piece Stainless Cutlery

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Wusthof Emerilware Gourmet Paring KnifeThe three styles included in this Wusthof Paring knife set are sufficient to tackle any small kitchen chore, with blade styles designed to make prep work quick and efficient. For small slicing tasks the drop point blade is perfect--for cutting blemishes out of fruits and vegetables the piercing point knife is the best, and for the classic seven sided shaped cut of gourmet garnishes, choose the curved bird's beak or Tourney blade.

Instead of the usual heavier forged steel construction of Wusthof knives, the Gourmet series of Emerilware uses high quality laser cut steel blanks. Fitted with composition handle slabs, these knives still use the full tang riveted design that has proven to be one of the simplest and most durable kitchen styles. The resulting knives are lighter, thinner and efficient.

Easily sharpened with a few quick strokes of a honing steel, these knives will fare better when stored in a knife block instead of being tossed in a kitchen drawer. They are dishwasher safe but hand washing is recommended. Ordinary paring knives are cheap throw away tools, but this economical set deserves better care. The strong blades take and hold a keen edge, good even for tougher jobs like boning and trimming cuts of meat.

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