Wusthof Trident Grand Prix 2 Hard Cheese Knife

Kitchen Cutlery 4 3/4 Inch 3111

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Wusthof Grand Prix 2 Hard Cheese Knife Those who truly love the striking flavors and variety of fine cheeses can easily become as concerned with presentation--amounts are important, because strong cheeses can overwhelm dishes and mild cheeses can be lost in them. Cutting precise amounts depends completely on having the right tools for the job.

Wusthof Trident offers two knives to deal with that issue--the Soft Cheese Knife with its large lattice blade; and the Hard Cheese Knife, with a strikingly different and stouter approach to cheese slicing. Wusthof's #3111 cheese knife, with a solid stainless steel forged blade 4 3/4" long, has the strength to deal with hard cheese blocks and rounds, plus a couple of less obvious helpful features.

At first glance you'll think the etched pattern on the knife's blade was a strange decorative choice, but the rows of double rectangles are not there for show. The slight recesses in the lines act like the hollows on a santoku, breaking surface contact with the cheese slices and allowing them to fall away from the blade. The sweeping curve of the blade encourages a gradual and controlled cut; the tines that form the point pick up cubes and slices easily.

Both knives are from the Grand Prix product line, with rat tail tangs concealed in permanently bonded composite handles.

For the cheese enthusiast, a Berghoff Cheese Knife Set would be an even better gift.

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