Wusthof Trident Grand Prix II Santoku

Kitchen Vegetable Cleaver 7 Inch Stainless

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Wusthof Trident Grand Prix II Santoku Made in Solingen, Germany, by the well known cutler Wusthof Trident, the Grand Prix Santoku is a streamlined version of the Western chef's knife. This 7" cutting edge blade has the shape of a Santoku, with a long and nearly straight edge, but not the hollow ground granton indentations that are the most obvious mark of the Japanese style vegetable knife. That makes this more a vegetable cleaver than a true Santoku.

The Grand Prix is much improved over the usual chef's knife, with a thinner blade that zips easily through most work, and a streamlined bolster that won't get in the way of the cut as the older Wusthof style would do. The forged steel rat tail tang is hidden within the textured ergonomically shaped handle and permanently bonded to the polymer grip.

The edge of the Grand Prix is still ground with the short bevel that German cutlers prefer, which makes the cutting action not quite so slick as a knife with a thinner Japanese style edge, but users can improve on the version the factory ships. The high carbon stainless alloy holds an edge well, but will need honing daily to remain in top condition. This alloy will not chip in use, so it's not likely to be damaged if you run into a bone while slicing meat or poultry, but if you try it out on heavy chopping work you may turn the edge.

The Grand Prix isn't a knife you need to baby--unlike some high end slicing knives that break if you smash a garlic clove with them or drop one off a counter top, the 7" Santoku won't force you to change your working habits. You can do things the way you've always done them and the knife will survive.

If you add a couple of knives & a pair of kitchen shears, your Trident collection will be enough to get you through your kitchen prep in no time.

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