Yet Another New Culinary Reality Show: NBC’s “United Plates of America”

Posted by Sharon on Nov 19

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NBC LogoUniting the mega-network giant NBC with "Top Chef" & "Project Runway" production company Magical Elves will soon produce yet another reality show themed around the cooking and restaurateur industry.  There are so many new culinary reality shows that'll surface next year... "Worst Cooks In America," Ramsay's "MasterChef," "Top Chef: Just Desserts," and even a special White House edition of "Iron Chef America."

While all of these do indeed sound fascinating, producers of future reality shows know they need to step up to the plate and offer something completely different in order to stand out, to give viewers something refreshing and new instead of one quickfire challenge after another. That's much easier said than done, we all know, but NBC's new "United Plates of America" might just accomplish that very feat.

Too often, we see the chef side of the story. What about the business side? On "United Plates," it's the business that counts. Contestants in this series will be asked to create a new restaurant chain. They'll create custom menus and themes amidst a series of challenges, and will then have to present their ideas to a panel of carefully-selected investors. The investors will be judging on ingenuity and strong restaurant concepts, appetizing menus, and the perfect blend of skills to manage a restaurant staff.

The winning prize is one of the largest in reality TV history: not one, but four new restaurant chains spread out in cities across America. The concept might just be a decent boost for the economy as well, says NBC exec Paul Telegdy. "Not only will viewers get to watch the competition unfold, they'll be able to eat at the winning restaurant immediately after the show's finale."

NBC has yet to announce the show's series premiere as well as the judging panel of investors. But for now, the network has just whet our appetites for a twist on an old reality show favorite. Let's hope it works.

Sources: Paste Magazine

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