Yoshikin Global Cromova Bread Knife

Japanese Stainless Steel 8-3/4 Inch G-9

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Yoshikin Global Cromova Bread Knife The Global G-9 Serrated Bread Knife from Yoshikin brings one piece forged construction and the famous edge holding ability of CROMOVA-18 stainless steel to a pastry knife design. On the surface these knives look simple, with a clean flowing appearance and a modernistic ergonomic handle. Even the grip is part of that one piece ideal, a pattern of indentations that adds texture to the polished steel.

Inside the handle there's even more to this concept--a hollow space filled with an exact amount of sand to balance the weight of the blade. Flow of that sand from end to end is expected during use, to keep that balance perfect. It's a fine idea, but whether it's something you'll actually be able to feel while working, I have my doubts. But I'll go along with the concept as long as the "fine balance" seems to be a valid key point.

There's no argument to be found about CROMOVA steel, an advanced alloy including molybdenum and vanadium and famous for hardness and strength. CROMOVA 18 steel makes the rest of the Global concept possible--a flat grind that extends the acute edge bevel up the blade. The resulting knife is thin and strong, with a razor sharp edge that zips through the work with very little resistance.

The edge is hard enough to chip if used on frozen food. Use this pastry or bread knife on pastry or bread; if you slice meat, you risk damaging the serrations on bones. Only work on wooden or plastic cutting boards; the edge is at risk on stone or ceramic as well. When it does require sharpening, this serrated knife should be returned to the factory for work.

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