Zarafina Tea Maker Suite

Kitchen Electric Ceramic Brewer Set

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Zarafina Tea Maker Suite The Zarafina Tea Maker Suite was created specifically to preserve the flavor and aroma of teas achievable when they are properly steeped. The Tea Maker Suite uses time and temperature to maintain the ideal conditions for loose or bagged teas. Produce up to sixteen ounces of tea with a choice in strength from mild to strong. The Suite set includes two ceramic tea cups, a ceramic serving tray, a two cup teapot, and the dark shale Tea Maker tower. For this item, hand washing is recommended.

The tea is conveniently dispensed into the included ceramic pot. The steeping chamber can be removed to fill or clean. The three settings for each steeping are easily set via a trio of buttons on the housing. The built-in infuser basket keeps leaves out of your tea and is designed to float on the cold water before steeping to keep your tea out of contact until the water is an optimal temperature. Experiment with the wide range of tea types or mix your own blends. The unit prepares perfect tea for one or two and would be a great item for the office, dorm, or a quiet reading area. This pot should please tea snobs and novices alike with its ability to prepare premium tea effectively.

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