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Zojirushi BBCCX20 Bread Maker | Home Bakery Supreme

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Zojirushi BBCCX20 Home Bakery SupremeIs there anything quite like the aroma of fresh homemade bread? Is there anything quite like the scope of the disaster in the kitchen left behind after the baking of fresh homemade bread? Experts will love the features like three choices for finished crust. Beginners and home cooks will love the convenience. This item comes with many extras, including a detailed manual, an instructional video, recipe book, and one year limited warranty.

Zojirushi (zoo-gee-ROO-she) is the nearly century-old brand with the elephant logo. Japanese product makers have long been at the forefront of electronic devices which are compact, efficient, and multi-function. This bread machine is all of this and more. Two blades ensure thorough mixing and kneading of your dough. The temperature controls allow for perfect, consistent results because the environment inside the machine is completely at your command. The bread pans are horizontal and shaped to give your final product the look of a traditional loaf of bread, approximately two pounds in size. The timer, with up to a thirteen hour setting, allows you to prepare ingredients in advance and let the oven have your bread ready to go, fresh, hot and right on time.

More than a simple bread machine, this is a portable oven. You can avoid heating your kitchen on an already muggy summer evening, save electricity. The ten cycles and versatile controls to help you do everything from kneading dough and making starter to baking rolls and cakes to preparing meatloaf, pizza, even flavorful jam to accompany slices of your fresh-baked treats. As always, when you do the mixing, the ingredients are up to you: traditional, spicy, gluten-free. You can tailor make a new flavor combination each time you bake. The Zojirushi BBCCX20, referred to by many reviewers as the best bread maker on the market, is highly advanced, highly rated, and will be highly valued by any customer.

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