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Zojirushi Bento Lunch Jar Forget those little brown lunch bags. Bring some culture to your lunch with Zojirushi Bento Lunch Jar. Bento is defined as a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine.

Traditionally, bento includes soup, rice, an entree such as teriyaki chicken, and vegetables. If you're used to a pbj, apple, bag of chips, and a cookie for lunch, this is not for you.

On the other hand, if you're hoping to save money by bringing meals to work, or if you're hoping to eat a healthier lunch, then this may be the thing for you.

The lunchbox- a thermos jar with a non-insulated plastic top- comes with four containers that fit into the jar in a specific order. The bottom container is an insulated bowl with a screw top lid designed to carry soup or other liquids. It is the most insulated and will stay the hottest. The next container is the biggest and has a slide and lock insulated top. In a traditional bento, you'd put the rice here. Food will stay warm but not piping hot in this bowl. The third and fourth containers are smaller than the others and both have tupperware type lids. They are not insulated and will not keep your food hot.

The bowls are microwave-safe, though not dishwasher-safe. It all fits into an accompanying nylon carry bag which also includes a pair of chopsticks. There are pockets in the side of the bag for anything else you may want to bring- soy sauce packs, breath mints, whatever.

If you're ready to think global and eat local, Bento-in-a-bag is a very cool idea. If you cannot imagine life without a pbj, you can still help the planet by investing in a reusable cloth lunch bag.

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