Zojirushi Digital Rice Cooker

Stainless Steel Induction 10 Cup NP-HBC18

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Zojirushi Digital Rice Cooker The Zojirushi 10-cup model is a large capacity rice maker for families who eat rice regularly or homes where parties or gatherings require a big batch. Smaller families can use the pot to prepare several days' worth of rice for meals throughout the week.

This pot allows preparation of every type of rice to perfection. One of the most interesting current styles of rice is GABA Brown. Not a new variety, it is a new method of cooking which is said to increase the gamma-aminobutyric acid, which has several positive effects on health. The activation of the acid is accomplished by soaking the rice for two hours at one-hundred-four degrees, then cooking it.

This model uses induction heating. Coils in the bottom of the cooker cause the rice pan itself to become the heat source as a magnetic field is generated. This creates heat quickly and evenly moves it through the pan.

The inner lid detaches for cleaning. The timer allows the cooker to complete cooking at a specific time or in a preset number of hours, then automatically keeps the rice warm without overcooking. The vent and gasket combination truly reduce the volume of steam (and the mess). The Zojirushi instruction manual has precise instructions and detailed information focused on giving you the best possible finished rice.

If you want something simpler, compare with Black & Decker's rice cooker.

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