Zojirushi Fresh Brew Black & Stainless Coffee Maker

Thermal Carafe EC-BD15

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Zojirushi Fresh Brew Black & StainlessFrequently referred to as one of the best coffee makers on the market by people who have enjoyed owning one, this tall drink of water (err, coffee? hot water??) comes from the Zojirushi company, makers of exceptional hot water pots and rice cookers. That fact alone is enough to pique my interest.

The market is positively saturated with coffee makers and very little truly sets any one apart from a competitor, yet those small details can mean the difference between a cup of coffee you can live with and one you can't, one you love and one you merely tolerate because you don't feel like boxing the machine up and filling out the paperwork to return it.

This pot works better in part by utilizing superior insulation to keep the hot water at an optimal temperature for improved results. The carafe keeps the coffee hot, has an excellent spout for pouring without spills, and eliminates the burned flavor that can come with hot plate models. It doesn't have the touchy positioning problems which plague some carafe/maker pairings.

People have found that #4 filters can be adapted to work well with the machine if locating #3 filters becomes a hassle. One aspect worth noting: you may need a special brush to clean the interior of the carafe unless you're comfortable with a rinse-only method for cleaning.

Compare this with the KitchenAid Single Carafe coffeemaker.

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