Zojirushi Coffee Maker w/ Thermal Carafe

Stainless Steel Fresh Brew 8 Cup EC-BD15

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Zojirushi Fresh Brew Coffee Maker I have never associated Korea with fine coffee but when I heard that Zojirushi made a coffee maker I was sold. ("You had me at Zojirushi.") It's one of the few brands that mean anything to me. I adore their rice cooker.

It has everything going for it. Like all Zojirushi products, this coffee maker is gorgeous. The best part is that it's not glass- so you don't get that burned coffee taste when it's been "cooking" on the burner for longer than 30 minutes. The thermal carafe keeps it fresh and toasty for you. It brews about 8 cups of coffee, which is perfect for us. We don't usually fill it, but if we have company we can make enough for everyone.

The coffee form this machine is very hot, which is how I like it. And I haven't put the test but I have a long-held suspicion that the Zojirushi thermal carafe will actually keep coffee hot forever.

I go out a lot less often for coffee now that I have this machine.

Compare this with the KitchenAid Java Studio coffeemaker.

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