Zojirushi Home Bakery Bread Maker

Mini Programmable 1 Pound Loaf BB-HAC10

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Zojirushi Home Bakery Bread Maker What a cool idea: a mini breadmaker that creates adorable little 1-pound loaves. That's the perfect size for my family. I'm always buying larger loaves that end up moldy or in my freezer, where I always forget about them.

This breadmaker is small, too-- small enough that you could actually leave it out on your countertop to use every other day. (It's the same size as my toaster.) The best part: It's programmable so you can set up the mini Zoji at night and have fresh bread in the morning. It's so easy to use. It even comes with a video instruction guide, although I can't imagine needing it. It's pretty easy and intuitive to use.

Of course, it does a lot of other things besides making bread. Honestly, it's so good at making bread that I would be fine if that was the only thing it did. But it has a cookie/pasta setting that you can use it to make (you guessed it) cookies and pasta, plus cakes (fresh fruit jams?!?!) and dough for croissants. So, in short I can use it to make all my favorite things.

Don't you just have to love any machine with a cookie/pasta setting?

I'm not much of a brand fan; I try to take every product on its own merit. But Zojirushi really makes top-quality products with tons of smart features. Bravo!

Oster's ExpressBake isn't half bad, either -- and may be more affordable.

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