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Zojirushi Hybrid Water Boiler I'll just admit it. I am a gadget geek. The thought of spending well over a hundred dollars on a device for boiling water doesn't phase me. As long as there is some major technology involved, it's Zojirushi to the rescue!

The Hybrid Water Boiler is named for the innovative thermal design. It doesn't rely entirely on a heating element to keep the water at the set temperature; it uses the vacuum insulated chamber as well, which results in far less power consumption. Along with the electronic Micro-computerized temperature control system, this will keep water fairly precisely at one of three settings you choose. All day long. There is a timer and an automatic shutoff as well. An audible signal will alert you when the water has boiled and also when the level is getting low. What I like best about this is that the water is not subjected to constant heating while waiting to be used, as on the old urn-style water boilers. That resulted in cooking out all the oxygen in the water and caused it to taste stale when used for hot drinks.

Holding four liters ready at all times, this is suitable for the family. Tea, instant coffee, soups and noodle dishes would be ready much faster with one of these on the counter. Thoughtful safety features ensure that nobody will be scalded accidentally when dispensing hot water or opening the unit.

Sure, this gadget only does one thing. But it does it very well. And for those that depend on hot water ready at any time, without too much energy used to keep it at a set temperature, this may be just the thing.

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