Zojirushi Indoor Electric Contact Grill Nonstick EB-CC15

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Zojirushi  Indoor Electric ContactThe Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill offers an expansive 12.50 by 9.25 inch nonstick coated cooking surface. Grill with less fat and find cleaning far easier. It provides 1300 watts of power and temperatures from 176 to 410 degrees. A variable heat control adjusts the temperature and won't power the grill unless the tray and grid are in their proper place; this provides an added measure of safety. The Zojirushi is UL listed.

The cool touch housing and handles prevent accidental burns. The device comes apart for ease in cleaning; the drip tray and plastic base are dishwasher safe. The cooking grid must be hand washed but not immersed.

People remark upon the smokeless grilling they can perform and the fact that the nonstick of this grill is truly effective. The grill must be preheated for up to ten minutes and a light coating of cooking spray is recommended for grilling certain items. The cooking grid is heavy duty and its open slots allow grease to drain off as you cook. Some have had trouble manipulating the grid for cleaning due to its size and weight. This appliance has wider grill bars than most models, which may help when manipulating food items. Definitely one of the better indoor grills available.

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