Zojirushi Micom Electric Kettle

Portable White Digital Water Boiler Pot CD-LCC40

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Zojirushi Micom Electric Kettle Why consider a dispensing pot? Walk through your day and think about all of the times in your day hot water is called for. Hot cereal, coffee or tea at breakfast. Boiled eggs or soup at lunch. Hot drinks throughout the day. Instant noodle snacks. Water for boiling pasta, blanching vegetables. Warming bottles for the baby. Each time you have to fill a pot or pan, turn on the stove, wait for the water to boil.

With an electric pot, you eliminate the wait and the repetition. Water can be heated once and kept at the ready, at the proper temperature, to produce better quality in products like tea, and give you immediate use. Reboiling takes just a couple of minutes. The push button dispensing means there is no lifting required and no need to pour.

The Zojirushi offers dechlorination and descaling modes to give you the best water and keep the pot working well. An automatic shutoff safety feature prevents the pot from heating until dry. Use the timer and large, well-labeled function buttons to set the pot to have your water ready to go at the time of your choosing, making this a great addition to any home. Set it up in one spot or carry it to where you need it.

Here's another electric kettle from Braun: the Aqua Express.

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