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Zojirushi Rice Cooker Zojirushi has been manufacturing rice cookers since the '80s, and is known as a leader in the field of commercial and home rice preparation. With this model, you have a simplified method of producing a large quantity of white or brown rice consistently.

The company has been improving the capabilities of the humble rice cooker over the years until some models truly can be called thinking units, due to their advanced microprocessors. These command prices worthy of their expansive brains as well, so are out of the financial reach of most consumers seeking only a reliable method of cooking a pot of rice for dinner. Thankfully, Zojirushi hasn't forgotten their roots and continues to manufacture simple one-button rice cookers in a variety of sizes, such as this model which can prepare up to 10 cups of cooked rice and keep it warm for five hours of service.

Also included is a steamer basket for cooking vegetables and such, and even cooking eggs in the shell, which would be enlightening for me as I always seem to overcook my morning eggs on the stove. There are instructions for cooking custards and rice pudding as well, which is a great way to use up yesterday's rice in the cooker. The only issues that users have commented on center around the mess made when the rice isn't rinsed off well before cooking -- Yes, rinse it until the water runs clear. Also, brown rice requires a bit more of a learning curve to cook it just right. If the first batch isn't the way you like, then try, try again.

Compare this with Panasonic's digital rice cooker.

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