365 Days of Rachael Ray Recipes

Posted by on Sep 30

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cheryl baum rachael ray 365Inspired by the premise of "Julie and Julia," a nurse at Duke University is setting her sights on accomplishing the same feat using recipes from Rachael Ray.

Cheryl Baum is a self-described terrible cook. She says a normal dinner for her used to be any given meat with a box of Shake & Bake, served with a bagged salad. But after deciding that her fiance "deserved better," she researched economical ways to learn how to cook.

In mid-August, she came across Rachael Ray's website, and decided to make a few of Rachael's recipes (especially the ones accompanied by instructional videos). And on August 24, she made a resolution: to cook one of her recipes every single day for an entire year.

Her efforts have even earned her favor from The Rachael Ray Show's producers. However, Cheryl's contact with the show began on a slightly embarrassing note. She had sent in an email regarding one of the recipes that specified the meat to be cooked to an internal temperature of 165 degrees, and she'd asked how to do that without buying a special oven that could get temperatures that low.

Cheryl says the show's reps called her within 20 minutes of sending the email. Her appearance on The Rachael Ray Show was taped last Wednesday, and airs today.

On a side note, Cheryl was asked what her favorite recipe has been thus far. Her response? "Jerk chicken with roasted vegetables and pineapple." She likes it so much that she's even serving it at her wedding reception in 2010.

Source: News Observer

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