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Canning Aluminum 30 Quart

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All American Pressure Cooker If there's one thing I've learned in a lifetime of cooking, it is the importance of using the best quality tools and equipment for whatever you are doing. Anything less causes frustration in the process and dissatisfaction with the result. The pressure cookers/canners made by All-American are the best tools you can buy for home canning.

These monsters are still manufactured in the USA, at the Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry. They are hand-cast from premium aluminum, in a process that hasn't changed much since they began in 1930. A unique and practical design to the unit is the nut-and-bolt sealing system for the lid. Looking like a hatch cover from a submarine, the lid screws down tightly using the attached bolts. The parts fit together so evenly that no gasket is required for effective sealing. A rubber gasket is typically the first part to need replacing on a pressure cooking device, so that is one concern you never need with this appliance. There are no electronic sensors or controls to be found here. The pressure can be adjusted to one of three settings using different pressure regulating valves. Bakelite handles on the lid and base make moving this about easier whether cold or hot. Please be aware that these should not be used on glass or ceramic cooktops due to the weight.

This 30-quart model can hold up to 19 pint-sized or 14 quart-sized mason jars. The jars can be stacked using the included metal racks. These cookers feature automatic overpressure release valves and a geared steam gauge. One more thing worth noting: Every component of these pressure canners is replaceable and can be easily obtained from online retailers.

The best tools don't come cheap, and you will need to do lots of canning for this to pay for itself. That being said, if you take your canning seriously and demand the best, here it is.

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