All-Clad Cop-R-Chef Saucepan

Stainless Steel Copper Cookware 4 Quart

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All-Clad Cop-R-Chef Saucepan An impressive look accompanies the precision of cooking with copper-clad cookware in the Cop-R-Chef 4 Quart.

The thick aluminum core featured in many of All-Clad's superb creations can be found in this saucepan as well. This time the three ply construction consists of a shining copper exterior, the aluminum core, and is finished off with the gleam of an 18/10 stainless steel interior.

The three metals work together to give you a pan which allows fine-tuned cooking in the home or professional kitchen. Copper and aluminum both give excellent, even heat distribution which rises into the sides of the pan. The interior is easy to clean, stick resistant and corrosion resistant.

Allow the copper to antique gracefully or you can work it to a polish, whichever fits your aesthetic sensibility.

All-Clad pans are well-balanced and hand finished. The pan lid can be slid over the handle or turned upside down for easier storage. The pan's handles remain cool to the touch for stove use but are also oven safe. Hand washing is recommended and All-Clad has tips at their website on keeping your cookware looking its best.

Customers have found the pan to be versatile, all around functional, and the size to be excellent for family use.

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