All-Clad Copper Core Kitchen Skillet

Stainless Steel Cookware Pan 12 Inch

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All-Clad Copper Core Kitchen Skillet All-Clad's Copper Core pans have a unique five ply construction. A core of pure copper distributes heat evenly and quickly. Bonded to that core, aluminum layers are finally covered in stainless steel to form the interior and exterior of the collection. A stripe of copper encircles the exterior. Containing the copper in this way eliminates the upkeep that accompanies copper exteriors.

Highly polished, the mirror finish interior is stick and corrosion resistant. The solid cast stainless steel handle has an integrated handle heat choke.

The pan has a rolled edge for ease in pouring, an end to drips. The sloped sides of the fry pan are two inches deep, so you can cook in volume or manipulate food as necessary and keep it in the pan. Hand washing is recommended.

Customers find that food releases easily and the pans deglaze nicely. Cooking is even across the bottom of the pan, so all your food will cook at the same speed. Owners remark upon the simple beauty of the pan, its nice balance. Converts proclaim the ease of use is better than Teflon cookware.

The pan can be a bit on the heavy side, but that weight is working hard for you, opening new areas of cooking to your exploration.

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