All-Clad Copper Core Saute Pan

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cookware 2 Quart

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All-Clad Copper Core Saute Pan The shine of this pan will get your attention; the superior performance will hold it, providing years worth of service, meal after meal.

With straight sides and a depth of two and a half inches, this pan is great for cooking for side dishes or small meals. Copper and aluminum combine to give enhanced heat apportioning. The copper core is surrounded by and bonded to aluminum layers on the top and bottom, then the aluminum is bonded to the stainless steel of the cooking surface and exterior.

What you get is a pan that is responsive at lower temperatures and which offers more precise control of cooking with the ease of care of a surface that resists food adherence and corrosion. Also, in the Copper Core line, you get the benefits of cooking with copper without the maintenance issues.

Customers liked that the curvature of the sides was such that a cook can really get down into them with utensils and to handle foods. If you cook for one or simply make components you'll find the pot does the trick, but it may not be quite large enough for two. The rolled edges really make for easy pouring and a nice fit with the lid. All-Clad is a solid, durable choice.

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