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All-Clad Kitchen Sauce Pan We all have that one pan that we use to cook just about everything. The one that we'd grab if the house was burning down rather than risk losing it.

This saucepan from All-Clad is the one I would be rescuing, although there's a good chance it could survive the fire with nary a mark.

It's difficult to say anything negative about these pans. Yes, they are very expensive, and the price reflects the fact that this All-Clad cookware is manufactured practically by hand at a Pennsylvania mill, with exceptional skill and attention to important details. The entire pan is made from stainless steel, including the handle and rivets. Speaking of which, the handle is extra-long and grooved for a comfortable grip and designed to stay cool in use.

What makes these so capable is the propriety "sandwich" of heavy stainless steel with thick aluminum inside for heat distribution. Only stainless steel touches the food, and the thickness runs clear up the sides, so the heat spreads evenly while cooking. This saucepan, with its straight sides, heats food quickly and is ideal for, well, you name it. With the tight-fitting stainless steel lid, you will find that a low heat setting does the best job. And make sure to leave some space in the pan when cooking. Not only will it be easier to stir, but the tall shape and thick sides also contribute to the heating more than you might be used to.

You'll hear us chefs recommend that you purchase a few quality knives rather than a set. Same goes for cookware. You are better off spending more for two or three high quality pans for everyday use, and adding more as needed. This saucepan would be a good starter for your collection.

If you want a shallower pan, here's a good one to consider by Calphalon.

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