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Best Crock Pot | 6-1/2 Quart Stainless Steel 99009

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All-Clad Kitchen Stainless Steel SlowThe All-Clad Stainless Steel Slow Cooker is one of the prettiest kitchen appliances I have ever seen: stainless steel housing, black ceramic insert, glass lid, gently curved edges. The product also offers a nice twenty six total hours of cooking time and three temperature settings (high, low, keep warm). It uses an integrated control panel with LCD display with simple buttons to navigate the functions. Its riveted cast stainless steel handles are solidly built.

The ceramic insert and glass lid are dishwasher safe. A generous six and a half quart capacity means you can prepare larger meat items or enough food for leftovers or multiple meals. You can cook a variety of foods from stews, casseroles, curries, soups, to whole chickens. With a little prep work (such as pre-browning), you can expand the menu. Keep cool while you cook in the warmer months, make great comfort foods all through winter, and save on electricity.

The cooker comes with a one year warranty and recipe booklet.

You'll really like features such as the warmer setting counter. It counts up so you can see how many minutes have passed since the cook time has completed. There have been some complaints about minor construction problems but owners are pleased overall with the way the cooker turns out slow simmered dishes without drying or burning. Owners were also displeased by the meager selection of recipes included in the booklet and the amount of space the product requires on the kitchen counter (however, this is a trade-off for being able to cook in such volume). I would be concerned about those function buttons over the long term, especially if there is spillage on the outer surface of the cooker. I found it impossible to locate an online manual, so hang on to your paperwork.

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