All-Clad LTD Round Skillet Grille Pan

Hard Anodized Non Stick Cookware 12 Inch

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All-Clad LTD Round Skillet Grille Pan Convenient stovetop grilling is now at hand. The LTD line from All-Clad stands out because of the striking black hard-anodized exteriors. They resist scratching, peeling and chipping.

Starting with a thick aluminum core, 18/10 stainless steel is then bonded to its surface, and then a layer of scratch resistant professional grade nonstick is bonded to the stainless to form the interior of the pan. Stainless steel handles will stay cool as you cook and are riveted in place for strength and security.

This pan is safe up to 500 degrees in the oven, but not suitable for use under the broiler. The twelve inch round Grille pan can hold several items at once and sear into their surfaces the recognizable grill marks which add flavor and visual enjoyment.

Even customers who aren't a fan of the LTD line or fancy pans in general have made exceptions in their kitchen for this pan. Detractors argue that the raised surface areas are not tall enough in comparison to the bottom of the pan, which causes some sacrifice of flavor. Others argue that the nonstick works against a nice sear. Still others claim even with excessive heat and use of thinner food items, that the grill does not heat and truly grill the food as they'd like. Still, overall, people enjoy their Grille pan and attest to frequent use and easier than expected cleaning.

All-Clad has a tremendous following and it seems the pan is perfectly capable of searing and grilling a variety of foods all year around.

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