All-Clad LTD Square Skillet Pan

Hard Anodized Non Stick Griddle 11 Inch

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All-Clad LTD Square Skillet Pan This neat stovetop griddle will help you painlessly create not just breakfast foods, but sandwiches and meat items with ease.

Excellent conductivity is provided by the aluminum core of the pan. The hard-anodized aluminum exterior is a signature of the LTD collection and resists scratching, chipping and peeling. A dual interior layer consists of 18/10 stainless steel bonded to scratch resistant professional grade nonstick. Due to the nonstick cooking surface, you use less butter or oil and experience easier cleanup. The pan comes with a lifetime warranty against defects. Stainless steel stay-cool handles are riveted in place for a strong, worry-free bond. Hand wash with soap and water as the LTD line is not made for dishwasher use. Low to medium heat settings are recommended for the best results from your griddle.

Cook for larger families at once or prepare bigger batches of food. The lip around the side is really nice for helping you to get a good hold on an item for turning. The griddle can be placed across two burners and retain its heating properties across the surface.

Customers were unhappy that the grease gutter takes away from the actual cooking surface and food runs into it as well as the grease it is made to capture. The pan can also be a bit unwieldy in the sink. Users were pleased to see the heat really does travel into the edges of the pan.

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