All-Clad Multi Cooker w/ Steamer Basket

Stainless Steel 12 Quart Aluminum Core

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All-Clad Multi Cooker w/ Steamer Basket This set is designed for all of the boiling tasks you can throw at it. Use the cooker alone for large batches of chili or hot soup. Use the large pasta basket and small steamer basket to produce healthy versions of seafood and vegetables or to prep and drain steaming mountains of pasta using the insert as a colander.

This is another aluminum core paired with stainless steel pot. This combination produces fantastic heat distribution, helps you cook without burning and cleans as easily as nonstick. I never thought this could be true, but I have seen it work in my own kitchen. The magnetic exteriors are made to work with induction cooktops as well as on gas and electric stoves.

The baskets are a perfect fit with the pot. The pot is sized just right, not too big for handling, and not so small that you'll be up to the rim in ingredients to cook for a dinner party. Several pairings are possible with the set. You'll appreciate how the aluminum core extends into the sides when cooking items which are thicker and of larger volume. The transfer will push heat into your foods from all sides, penetrating the center.

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