All-Clad Stockpot Steamer Insert

Stainless Steel 3 or 4 Quart

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All-Clad Stockpot Steamer Insert Some of the best tasting food I have ever eaten has been the most simply prepared. Steamed, lightly salted, nothing but the essential natural flavor of the food to stand out on the plate. This works best with some of the least popular foods of childhood: lima beans, brussels sprouts. Using fresh or frozen ones to start, you will be thrilled by the taste results. Maybe even change a few finicky minds.

This steamer is made to fit the three and four quart saucepans and casseroles manufactured by All-Clad. Add a little water to the lower pan, pop on the steamer and a lid. You can steam seafood and meat as well as vegetables. It is an extremely fast, healthy method for cooking. I've used mine with a smaller glass dish inside to heat oils.

Because the cleanup of stainless makes it easier, we even prepare little homemade steamed dumplings, our version of the Asian Salapow. We make our own in different flavors; precook the fillings and pinch them shut. They don't always turn out as pretty as professional or commercial varieties, but there are never leftovers. Any extra filling makes a great addition to pasta or rice dishes the next day.

For a nice pasta pot to add to your cookware, see the Mauviel Cupretam Pasta Set.

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