Aroma Smart Fry XL Deep Fryer

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Aroma Smart Fry XL Deep Fryer The Aroma Smart Fry is an exceptional fryer: quick to recover, dishwasher safe, and equipped with a charcoal filter which reduces smoke, fumes, and that deep fried smell. It also comes with several safety features such as a safety switch in case the unit overheats and a magnetic breakaway plug meant to prevent the unit from being pulled off the counter if the cord is caught or the cooker is bumped.

The fryer's electronic interface is very simple, paired with both audible tones and indicator lights to let you know the oil is ready and when timed cooking is complete. The instructions include a tutorial for the ten presets and a cooking guide with times listed for commonly fried foods. The two small or one large basket design makes it easy to prepare more than one deep fried food at a time and facilitates trouble free draining and cleaning of the device.

The well on this unit is deep. It requires at least 14 cups of oil for use, up to 20 to fill- no joke. That is a serious investment and well worth it to get the perfect temperature and result in your fried items. The right temperature keeps them from tasting heavy and greasy. The secret to keeping batter covered items from sticking to the basket is to insert the basket into the fryer, then carefully add the breaded items. Note: It is best not to use lard or animal oils to fry because they solidify around the heating element and they break down under high heat.

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