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Kitchen Deli Stainless Steel Press 20 Pound

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Atlantic Shores Sausage Stuffer A heavy duty commercial quality sausage press small enough to fit on a kitchen counter, the Atlantic Shores 20 pound press Sausage Stuffer is considerably more than you'd expect from machines targeted for the home kitchen. In the usual combination food grinders/sausage makers, we see hamburger grinders with sausage making attachments, and much of the build is plastic. Owners have to exercise caution or risk breaking their machines.

With this stainless steel, metal geared, two speed machine, you may wear out before it does. I'm not really kidding, because this isn't electrically powered--pressing a full load of ground meat and savory spices through this beast will take some muscle power even when geared down. You'll be happy to know, however, that you won't break the stainless steel fittings by pushing on a sausage casing, which has been known to happen with plastic counterparts.

If you run into trouble (the tube could jam if the meat isn't properly ground) there is a quick release for the press plunger, allowing you to back it off in mid cycle. Cleaning will obviously be a hand powered chore as well, but with a machine of this size you can literally crank out a month's supply of sausage in a few hours. It won't be an everyday adventure.

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