Berghoff Cheese Knife Set

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Berghoff Cheese Knife Set This combination Cheese Knife Set, knife rack and storage block, and reversible serving tray cutting board from Berghoff Worldwide really does have a nice look. Either on kitchen counter or dining room table it will be a useful and stylish serving accessory or prepping platform.

As a set of knives it does leave something to be desired. All five are special purpose cheese knives with stamped stainless steel blades that are well designed for shaving and cubing cheese for fondue or snacks but not built solidly enough for other purposes. Limit their use to cheese, spreads, and other condiments and you'll be happy with this set.

The rat tail tang build of these knives is concealed by hollow stainless steel handles--a nice look but not the strongest when it comes to heavy work like quartering a cheese wheel. Save that for the kitchen and a stronger knife. These knives shine when it comes to serving.

Since they will be seen in public and that shine is an important feature, keep them out of the dishwasher. Newer stainless steels have been designed as much for edge holding as for stain resistance--for users today that means hand washing after use, before food dries on the blades, and in a mild detergent solution. Harsh cleansers and rough dishwasher cycles will damage the finish.

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