Berghoff Orion Knife Block Set

Kitchen Full Tang 7 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery

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Berghoff Orion Knife Block Set This heavy but ergonomically sound seven piece cutlery set in the counterbalanced Orion design from Berghoff Cutlery of Germany may be a reasonable choice for cooks who prefer the older European patterns. In comparison to lighter modern knife sets with thinner blades they will feel a bit overbuilt.

Berghoff Orion blades offer traditional forged full tang construction with flat ground edges for added strength. Forged bolsters add both durability and weight--you won't have problems prying a joint of meat apart with these knives. For finer work the all purpose cook's knife isn't a match for a Japanese style santoku. The knives are of high quality, with steel that will take a good edge (arrives hand honed by experts at the factory) but which will also require regular maintenance with a sharpening steel.

Riveted synthetic handle slabs are shaped to fit the hand well for a reliable and comfortable grip, and the dropped end caps are measured carefully to balance the weight of the blade, making the knives less fatiguing in use. The paring knife, utility knife, bread knife, cook's knife and carving knife are enough to handle most kitchen chores, with a set of poultry shears as a useful bonus.

The block itself has a core of pine and a bonded exterior of laminated bamboo, an ecologically sound choice in both cases, since pine and bamboo both regrow quickly in comparison to hardwoods like maple and oak. Berghoff offers a ten year limited warranty on the knives in the block set.

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