Berghoff ProSafe Knife Kit

Kitchen Stainless Steel 14 Piece NSF Cutlery

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Berghoff ProSafe Knife Kit This fourteen piece ProSafe assortment from Berghoff, chosen by culinary schools as one of several top choices for apprentice chefs, leaves me unimpressed. Materials are not substandard--blades of high carbon stainless ice-hardened steel, stamped rather than forged, will certainly hold a decent edge when properly maintained. The synthetic molded handles have antimicrobial properties which extend the life of the material as well as reducing food contamination.

For knives that will see heavy work I certainly think the molded handles and rat tail tang are lightweight solutions. In my hands such things tend to work loose. If I were tempted by this set I'd certainly compare with Forschner by Victorinox, comparably priced but backed by a lifetime warranty rather than the limited ten year warranty of Berghoff. Some Berghoff patterns are stoutly built with the more serviceable full tang and riveted handle slab construction of workhorse cutlery, and would certainly last past the warranty with reasonable care. The ProSafe line is rather marginal in durability.

Consider also whether you need the three styles of paring knives (necessary for culinary school but not in all home kitchens), scalloped spreader and disc blade pizza cutter. A set with fewer knives, but knives you really need, may be a better choice and let you step up in quality.

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